Book sleeve It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Book sleeve / pouch / tablet cover / kindle cover / clutch inspired by It Ends With Us, written by the famous author Colleen Hoover.

Handmade book sleeve made from 3 mm quality felt to protect your precious beauties wherever you go. The sleeve will fit one thick book or two slimmer ones at a time. The dimensions are 30 cm x 17 cm (11.8 x 6.7 inch) so the sleeve will fit different sized books.

The sleeve is a sandy color, sown with a light purple yarn. The pink print on the back says Brave & Bold. The sleeve can be secured with a quality leather wrap, finished with several charms. This item has a flower charm and a handmade charm with the heart from the book and the quote: ‘Just keep swimming’

Each sleeve is decorated with different fabric prints and charms. The sleeve comes as displayed on the pictures.
Note: the displayed book sleeve has a minor misprint on the back. When you order, you’ll get one without any misprints 😉

I don’t recommend washing the sleeve, but if it’s absolutely necessary, wash it by hand.



1 book sleeve = EURO 3,12
2 book sleeves = EURO 3,90
3 or more sleeves = EURO 6,95


1 book sleeve = EURO 6,65
2 book sleeves = 13,30
3 or more sleeves = EURO 18,62

When ordering 1-2 sleeves, they will come through regular mail. When ordering 3 or more sleeves it will be shipped as a package. For large quantities, please send me a message.