Now live! Game of Thrones book sleeve

Winter is coming!

Say no to creased pages and torn covers! This Game of Thrones inspired handmade book sleeve is going to keep your precious books in pristine condition. The book sleeve easily fits a decent sized hardcover such as your treasured Game of Thrones – or Twilight – books (we all know you have those on your shelf) or two slimmer paperbacks.

This particular sleeve, just like the rest of them, is made from high quality materials. Such as 3 mm felt on a polyester base so it stays in shape even if you use it daily. Just don’t iron it without a protective sheet or leave it near a bonfire. It. Will. Melt.
The sturdy leather string will keep your book sleeve tied shut, ensuring the safety of your books from the hazards of life.

The Game of Thrones sleeve comes in light gray and is finished with a melange gray cotton yarn. The black leather string to secure your book sleeve has a GoT compass charm. With the large Stark sigil on the front you can perfectly show off your Game of Thrones Pride.

Most of my materials come from local and small business owners. This way I can stimulate local economy and support business owners like me in their endeavors. Making a fair and high quality product is very important to me!

Let’s talk size:

The dimensions of all my standard sized book sleeves are 30 cm x 20 cm (11,8 x 7,8 inch). It will fit your book, your tablet, and even your e-reader. It actually looks a bit smaller in the pictures compared to the real thing. Many customers were surprised about the size, in a good way (who said size doesn’t matter?).

If you want the book sleeve to fit a certain book or make it perfectly snug for your Kindle, feel absolutely free to send me a message. I usually don’t charge anything extra, unless you want something ridiculously large.

Shipping info & costs (sorry):

I ship your item(s) in 3-5 business days after you place your order. Depending on what I have in stock, I try to ship your item as soon as possible. It generally takes 1-2 business days for domestic orders to arrive. For the rest of Europe it’s approximately 5-7 business days, the United States and Canada 8-10 business days, and for those of you living on the other side of the world…I ask patience. My orders to, for example, Australia, the Philippines and New Zealand generally take 2-3 weeks to arrive. But they always do get there!

Keep in mind that during holidays shipping can be a lot slower because of the huge increase of work at the postal office. These shipping times are an indication and (unfortunately) not a promise.

I keep the prices of my products to an absolute minimum because the cost of shipping is already bad as it is.

Standard shipping:

Netherlands: EURO 3,32
International: EURO 8,40

For large quantities, please send me a message. I’m sure I can make you a deal with my local postal office.

If you’re not convinced yet to purchase this amazing, gorgeous, high quality book sleeve, you can read some reviews on the store page (I swear I didn’t pay any of my customers to write nice things).

All jokes aside, I love making these book sleeves and, even more so, love making you happy with them. I’d be honored if you leave a review on Etsy/Facebook/Instagram (@thumbelara) and sharing a picture of your received product(s) always makes my day!

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